Movie Posters

Movie Poster of the Stars!

We create custom designed and personalized movie posters as a dramatic way to remember your engagement and wedding day. Your wedding day is a memorable event and you and your fiancé are the stars with our wedding videography. We already provide a custom DVD cover and case for you, but now we can offer you a matching movie poster.

We take special care in the customization of your wedding poster. All of the details are carefully designed from the wedding party listed in the credits to the special details and touches we add as we get to know you as a couple.

Printed on a high gloss 24 X 36 inch poster and placed in a classic glass black matte frame. Add to any package for just $150.

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HD Projections

A Love Story / Engagement Video

A great way to tell your story to all of your friends and family.

Whether it was that magical engagement or the amazing way the two of you happen to meet, this Love Story will be a precious momento for generations to come. We can play your video at your wedding on our big screen using our HD Projector.


love stories.